Top 5 UI Design Trends for 2018

January 20, 2018 | by Totus Studio

It is not necessary to say that UI design is an integral part of mobile and web services but it also aims to resolve several important tasks. These tasks include usability, functionality and ease of use that influence users’ mood, impressions, strengthens company’s credibility, reputation and successful business growth.

As you already know, an effective interface is a powerful business tool. For this reason, applying latest trends to your design is practical and have functional meaning in web development.

This article will cover 5 latest UI trends for designers to take in mind. So let’s have a look at what is suggested in 2018.

Vibrant Colors

A flat design wave is evolving in 2018. It’s time to attract users’ attention with strong colors combined with font contrast. Designers can forget muted tones and should look into incorporating vibrant color palettes.

There is no doubt that in a world of UI design, this year will be the year of colors that will help to experiment and create excellent user interfaces.

responsive website design for nature tour guides and activities

Vibrant pink buttons. Website UI design “Mountain Dwellers”

Color Gradients

Last year designers started adopting colour gradients. Two influential companies: Instagram and Spotify are a great example of applying gradients to their brand elements.
It is clear that flat design trend is fading away, giving room for experimentation with subtle and smooth color transitions as well as duotone overlays.

web design for web agency

Gradient background. Website UI design “Interneto zingsnis”

Unique Lettering Style

Typography is another important element with a clearly defined trend. In 2018 typography is getting noticeably bigger, especially in oversized headline usage.

Increasing the size of text is all about usability. Adopting this trend is a great way to grab users’ attention, help them to find things faster and make your website or mobile app more inviting.

Text in UI is meant to be read, for this reason continue to care for structure but don’t be afraid to play with sizes.

Going off the Grid

Usually designers rely on grid-based systems to design consistent and structured interfaces. However, one of the most interesting trends of this year is going to be borderless design.

In 2018 designers will have the possibility to try totally new way of thinking and pay less attention to rigid lines while daring to work further more beyond the grid.

Effective UI design is all about creating a continuous flow for users, and borderless design trend may surprise with greater user experience.

Nordblue minimal web UI design for museum

Interesting grid typography usage. Website UI design for Modern art museum.

Unique Imagery

Everybody understands that imagery engages users in numerous ways. Full-screen website images may replace image slides in 2018.

Besides the fact that high resolution, specially designed for your business illustrations look impressive on websites, another considerable strength of it is interaction with users. Correctly used, authentic imagery stands for your brand’s quality and identity.

Go with unique high-resolution images this year to display well on all screens and your design will stand out from competitors.

To Wrap it Up

Here you go, top 5 UI design trends of 2018 that every designer should take into account. It appears that 2018 is going be a year of experimentation and vivid colors. In addition to that, we can see some traditional design rules to be left behind. However, UI designers must ensure that their creative work won’t overtake the ease of use of interfaces.