Why Small Businesses Need a Solid Visual Brand Identity

February 08, 2018 | by Totus Studio

Visual brand identity plays a very important role in business recognition. It is the look and feel of everything, including print and digital elements, that presents your business to customers.

When it comes to visual identity, many small businesses may seek cheap design options or attempt to create brand identities themselves. In order to achieve the best results in business recognition, an expert is required. Without the designer’s guidance, companies risk to use identities that can create negative or inaccurate perception of their services and values as well as miss the opportunity to develop a well thought out brand identity.

In further reading, we will discuss reasons why every small business should invest in solid visual brand identity.

Advantage over your competitors

Consistent graphic design elements are all about being memorable. Also, it helps you to stand out from other similar local businesses. According to a research carried out by Nielsen.com, people are more likely to buy from companies they are familiar with than from someone entirely unknown. That is why, consistent and well thought out design elements are so important for you to be memorable.

Appealing marketing material

A good visual identity design engages customers and communicates positive message about your business. It is important to remember that brand design elements, for example – a logo, will be visible on every marketing campaign that you will ever carry out. For this reason, it is crucial to create a solid brand identity from the start.

marvelous visual brand identity pink presentation

Business marketing material for beauty salon “Marvelous”

Builds trust

Professionally looking company’s image builds trust and credibility. 94% of first impressions of your business can be influenced by design only. It is understandable, professional brand design projects trustworthiness and professionalism. A low quality logo or business card might make customers wonder where else a company is cutting their budget.

Builds customers' loyalty

The purpose of brand identity design is to boost memorability, make your business stand out from competitors and build trust. These qualities encourage customers to come back and use your service or purchase from you again. A solid visual identity builds business longevity by increased loyal customer base.

To sum up

First impressions matter. During the first few seconds, whether it is a logo, a brochure or a website, your potential customers will judge your business according to your visual presentation alone. That is why, in the long run, your investment in a professional graphic designer pays off.